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August 2022 Newsletter

ICF North Texas | Published on 8/1/2022

Important Dates

August 11 Southeast Reg Webinar 11:00 AM-12:30 PM CT

August 12 Hybrid Chapter Meeting 11:15 AM-1:15PM CT

Sept 8 Southeast Region Webinar 12:00 - 1:30 PM CT

Sept 9 Virtual Chapter Meeting 11:15 AM - 1:15 PM CT

October 6 New Member Orientation 12:00-1:00 PM CT

October 14 Celebrate Coaching 2022 8:30 AM-12:00 PM CT

New Members and New Credentials

Welcome to Our New Members
Paula Alencar, ACC
Kendall Bergman, ACC
Micah Gordon
Lenetra King
Ginnie Plauche, ACC

Congratulations on Your New Credentials!

Kendall Bergman, ACC
Jeremy Jameson, ACC

      Board Member Message

Read the Board Message 

      Monthly Events

August 12 Hybrid Chapter Meeting and Program
Transformation through Biomarkers
Lizette Warner, PCC

11:15 AM – 1:15 PM

In Person at Las Colinas Country Club
4400 N O’Connor Road
Irving, TX 75061

Or Virtually Via Zoom

Hybrid Chapter Meeting Cost For Members and Non-Members:
In-Person Attendee – $40 / Virtual Attendee – $30

Dr. Lizette Warner is a Mayo Clinic and UT Dallas grad, with years of global leadership experience in Telecom and Healthcare. After working with numerous women leaders, Lizette used her engineering degree and went to work, landing her in the crossroads of Leadership and Biomarkers, typically a healthcare means to identify health or disease. Lizette took this learning and applied it in her coaching practice, creating a program to help leaders discover, identify and wield their own biomarkers. Lizette has been invited as a speaker for TEDx and National and Global medical conferences, and has served on advisory boards, but her true love lies at the intersection of Biomarkers and Leadership. Her book about biomarkers and leadership presence is Power, Poise, and Presence, scheduled to publish in January 2023.
This program is designed to introduce you to the concept of biomarkers as a means for client transformation. What if you could arrive to a way of being that is of your choosing? What if you could help your clients transform into a deeper awareness and appreciation for what makes certain ways of being available to them?

CCEUS for this Program: .75 Core Competency and .25 Resource Development Credits

Read the entire program description and register here:
August 12 Hybrid Chapter Meeting and Program

August 11 Southeast Region Webinar
Our Inner World: Coaching in the Presence of Trauma
Brad Hardie, PCC

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM CT

Webinar Cost: ICF Global Members – $10 / Non-ICF Global Members – $20

Brad Hardie, PCC is an informative speaker and Certified Trauma Informed Coach. He is an expert in trauma, behavioral management, and human development and is co-principal at Moving the Human Spirit. Brad is one of the best mentors and life coaches due to his intuitive talent to connect deeply with anyone in a matter of minutes. He guides his clients with an interactive process of exploring thoughts, feelings, and behavior for problem-solving and achieving higher levels of functioning. He uses structural influence to achieve the best result scenarios for growth and advancement, increasing the individual's sense of well-being.
Coaching in these uncertain times can leave us feeling lost as if we have been set adrift on an ocean of uncertainty. We are challenged locally, nationally and globally, witnessing varying levels of trauma. We are seeing the world in a way that we have never experienced. As coaches, we have an opportunity to contribute larger than ever before and learn more about working within a trauma informed lens. How do we continue to coach in service of our clients while they feel capsized under strain? Where do we find the resilience to be adaptive to uncertainty? What will we need to hold our clients capable? Let us explore the tools that we currently have and look at what else may be needed to assist in this current time in history as we coach clients to clarity and strength.

CCEUs for this Webinar: 1.0 Core Competency and 0.5 Resource Development Credits

Read the entire webinar description and register here:
August 11 Southeast Region Webinar

        Chapter News


Celebrate Coaching 2022

Save the Date!
October 14 from 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM CT

Celebrate Coaching 2022 will be presented virtually via Zoom and in-person at:
Las Colinas Country Club
4400 North O'Connor Rd
Irving, TX 75062

We are pleased to announce "Bronze" sponsorships with special pricing for ICF Members

For more sponsorship information please contact Sandi Knight, Director of Special Events:

You won’t want to miss our two speakers who offer two different perspectives on the value of coaching:

The Impact of Coaching—Starting with the CEO
Carol Kauffman, PhD

Carol will discuss the results of surveying over 1,000 CEOs and the impact of coaching in their organization, starting with the CEO. Carol is known globally as one of the top leaders in the field of coaching. She has been named the #1 leadership coach in the world by the Marshall Goldsmith group. Thinkers 50 shortlisted her as one of the top eight coaches for her contribution as a thought leader and coach.

On Track with Coaching at BNSF Railway
Alison Cooper, Director Talent Management
Diane Ossenkop, Director Leadership Development
Nila Sinha, Founder and Principal Sinha Solutions

The award-winning talent team at BNSF will share:
   •  How to leverage coaching—with a modern twist—in leader development
   •  A proven approach to using coaching for key transitions and targeted development
   •  How to experience the benefits of targeted coaching in broad leadership development
   •  An outside/inside view to the BNSF coaching practice and process
   •  The value of building a team within the external coach team

Here are additional links to assist you and your guests and clients:
Celebrate Coaching 2022 Event Flyer
Celebrate Coaching 2022 Sponsorship Flyer

ICF North Texas Board Mid-Year Planning Retreat
By Tim Kincaid, 2022 President

Your Board of Directors met on July 16 for a mid-year planning retreat. This is an annual tradition to check in on progress and plan for second half of the year. The board spent time focusing on our three updated strategic priorities: supporting the entire member journey; expanding a vibrant coaching community; and demonstrating operational excellence.

There was much accomplished during the first half of 2022. Just a couple of examples include our first-ever hybrid monthly membership meetings in January, April, and July. ICF North Texas hosted five free webinars for anyone during International Coaching Week. In May our monthly membership meeting was a focus group to gather member feedback that informs our plans going forward. During the first half of 2022, new members joined, new credentials were earned, and the chapter maintained its healthy financial state.

In the second half of the year, we will offer hybrid options for our monthly member meeting in August. Our annual Celebrate Coaching event on October 14 will be hybrid, too (watch our website for more details). Major enhancements are coming this fall for our chapter website Also, popular LINC special interest groups continue expanding, with the addition of new Business Building and Group Coaching LINCs.

Your chapter board will continue to work on ways to engage and support our members.

ATD Fort Worth/Midcities Offers Special Discount to ICF North Texas Members

ATD Fort Worth/Midcities is offering a special discount to ICF North Texas Chapter Members for their upcoming Virtual Cultivate event. Register here: Please use Discount Code: CULTIVATEPARTNER2022 when registering.

Member Snapshot - Dr. Pam Van Dyke, PCC

This month, we are happy to feature Pam Van Dyke, PhD, PCC for our Member Snapshot.
For more than 25 years Pam has been helping individuals, teams and organizations define and reach their goals.
Pam has been an active ICF North Texas member for many years.
We are pleased to offer our readers a chance to know a bit more about Pam.
What is your organization’s name, and what services do you offer? Team and Group Coach Academy, offering team and group coaching training based upon empirical research. Pam is certified in over 22 assessments and programs, most recently Leadership Challenge Certified Coach and Facilitator.
What is your niche? Dr. Pam provides career, corporate/executive, internal/organizational, leadership development, and team/group coaching. While Pam enjoys helping individuals, teams and groups optimize performance, she says, “I have found that I do my best work in team and group coaching; I love coaching that has complexities and layers!”

Tell us about your career path. Pam explained, “I started my career journey as a psychotherapist working with chemically dependent teens, adults and families. Along the way I discovered I had some skills in business operations and the next thing I knew, I became a CEO of a large psych hospital.” As Pam looks back on her career now, she can see this was a key discovery: she has a sweet spot where business and psychology intersect. After spending several years in corporate America, Pam made the move to establish her own coaching and consulting company. “Today I split my time between coaching, consulting, and educating coaches who wish to become certified in team and group coaching,” Pam said.

Share a memorable client story. Pam worked with an SVP executive in the healthcare industry who initiated a coaching engagement with a goal to increase her effectiveness—especially by improving her delegation and communication skills. Pam shared, “During the engagement, the Ebola crisis unfolded in Dallas and my client became central to how it was handled. This was a critical time for my client and her entire team. Very quickly, tension and stress levels were hitting peak levels. The team members became cryptic and terse with each other, and their behavior was on display for everyone involved, including the media. My client asked me to step in and provide team coaching. I worked closely with the team and the leader to help them navigate through a very tumultuous time; the stakes were high. I loved the engagement because I felt the coaching skills that I had worked hard to sharpen were directly put to use which had a rippling impact.

Why are you part of the International Coaching Federation and how have you volunteered? Pam explained that coaching as a solopreneur can sometimes be insular so connecting with other coaches is both helpful and educational.

She served on the ICF North Texas Board in 2016 and most recently with the ICF Foundation. Additionally, Pam has been in the MCC Linc and is very grateful for this opportunity to sharpen skills and gain support to complete her MCC application.

What other opportunities have you been provided through ICF? As a representative of the ICF Foundation, Pam was selected to travel to Ankara, Turkey to assist a leadership team in turmoil. Since June 2022, Pam has been providing Team Coaching to an Unicef leadership team and their leader. The experience has been fascinating.

Advice to her fellow Chapter Members? Pam says, “Keep Learning!”

Pam at the United National Unicef office in Turkey

One of, self-described bibliophile, Pam's favorite cats in her library

Get Involved

Our Membership Committee is in need of numerous volunteers for the following positions:

Connections Crew – Make 10 – 12 calls a month from a provided list with names, numbers and talking points
Badge Master – Assist with compiling badge orders and work with VA who will assist in all of the mailings
LINC Liaison – Be the point of contact for LINC Group Leaders
Assistant Membership Director – Help the Director of Membership

All members would be asked to join a 30-60 virtual meeting with the director monthly.

Please contact Cheryl Close if interested.

Join a LINC

Learn  Interact  Network  Connect

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
New Team Coaching LINC: There is interest in creating a new LINC – Team Coaching LINC. If you are interested in joining a Team Coaching LINC or If you would like more information, please email Cheryl Close.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Members are welcome to join these new LINC groups:
Business Building Group
ACC Prep and Coaching Start-Up
Internal Coaches Group
PCC Certification Group

If you are interested in learning more about the currently active LINC groups, contact Cheryl Close for more information.

Thanks to Our Volunteers

For their participation in our Board mid-year planning retreat, our thanks go to Ken Jenkins and Lisa Ong (Programs), Schartryce Mason (Communications), and Mayme Doumbia (DEIB) for their interest and contribution to ICF North Texas.

We thank Elizabetta Mroski for joining the ICF North Texas Finance team. She brings a diverse background in finance and we are lucky to have her serving our chapter with her gifts.

Contact Information 


President  Tim Kincaid, PCC
President-elect  Staci Witten, PCC 
Secretary  Natalie Mendez, ACC
Treasurer   Jay Harris, MCC
Past President Kathleen Klaviter, PCC
Programs   Steve Hendon, PCC
Alliances  Dara Rossi, ACC
Membership   Cheryl Close, MCC
Communications   Lizette Warner, PCC
Online Platforms  Teresa Dabney, ACC
Special Events  Sandra Knight, ACC


Our Mission

Our mission is to grow and develop a competent coaching community that drives results for coaches and those they serve. We do this by providing strong credentialed coaches, educational programs, and rich resources for internal and external coaches, and organizations and individuals seeking coaches. 

Our Vision

ICF-NT will be known as the leading resource for the coaching community and the organizations and individuals it serves by providing:
  • A collaborative network of credentialed coaches
  • Continuing education 
  • Impactful contributions to the coaching profession