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November 2023 Newsletter

ICF North Texas | Published on 11/6/2023

Important Dates

Nov 9 Southeast Region Webinar 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM CT

Nov 10 Chapter Meeting & Program 11:15 AM - 1:15 PM CT

Nov 10 Chapter Workshop 1:30 - 3:30 PM CT

Dec 6 Holiday Party 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Dec 8 Chapter Webinar 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Mar 21-24 All Texas Retreat & Conf

New Members and New Credentials

Welcome to Our New Members
Keith Anins
David Matthews, PCC
Dan Pogue
Eric Polite II
Michael Reid
Tonya Stuber

Congratulations on Your Certification
William Oakley, ACC
Lisa Reynolds, PCC
Dara Rossi, PCC

       Board Member Message

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       Monthly Events


November 10 Hybrid Chapter Meeting and Program
Embracing Your Stretch: Exploring Learning Cycles and Plateau Pitfalls for Every Stage of your Coaching Career
Teresa J Pool, MCC

11:15 AM – 1:15 PM

In Person at Las Colinas Country Club
4400 N O’Connor Road, Irving, TX 75061

Or Virtually Via Zoom

In-Person Attendees Registering by November 5: Members - $40 / Non-Members - $50
In-Person Attendees Registering after November 5: Members - $50 / Non-Members: - $60

Virtual Attendees: Members - $30 / Non-Members - $40

Teresa Pool is an experienced executive coach with a passion for supporting high potential leaders through succession preparation and promotion. Teresa has coached professionally since January 2001 and is credentialed by the International Coaching Federation as a Master Certified Coach with over 6,000 coaching hours. In addition to her nationwide private practice, Teresa is the Director of Training for the Executive Coaching Certificate Program at the University of Texas at Dallas.
Coaches are naturally curious beings and life-long learners. We, and the ICF, know how important our own ongoing development is to serve our clients well. This highly interactive session will explore evolving our learning and moving through natural plateaus at each stage of the coaching career. In our time together you’ll be asking, “Is my curious learning adding up to the mindset and skills I need for the next stage of my coaching growth?” “What blind spots might be holding me back?” “Where am I resting on my laurels and what will propel me back into uncomfortable stretch?” Leave with ideas and a commitment for your own next stretch, and maybe even an Aha! moment or two. As a bonus: Discover the (free) learning opportunities our chapter provides for each stage of your evolution!

CCEUs for this Program: 1 Core Competency Credit

Read the entire program description and register here:
November 10 Chapter Meeting and Program

November 10 Hybrid Chapter Workshop
Sharpening Your Coaching Saw: Navigating the Narrative
Teresa J Pool, MCC

In Person at Las Colinas Country Club
4400 N O’Connor Road, Irving, TX 75061

Or Virtually Via Zoom

1:30 – 3:30 PM CT

Workshop Fee: $20

Join us immediately following our Chapter program and as Teresa Pool, MCC, shows us how transformative coaching begins from the moment the client shares their story at the start of each session. This narrative contains amazing gems that are often overlooked as we listen for just enough to “start coaching.” Are you new to coaching or an experienced veteran? There is something to gain here for every stage of your coaching journey. We’ll explore how our own mindset becomes the filter that influences what we are able to hear and do with the narrative. We’ll learn how to listen beyond and beneath what is being said and reflect transformative insights that source from the client, not the coach. We’ll discover neural networks which types of questions engage early aha moments and which keep the client in surface actions.

CCEUs for this Workshop: 2 Core Competency Credits
Read the entire workshop description and register here:
November 10 Chapter Workshop

November 9 Southeast Region Webinar
Conflict Management Coaching: What Makes this Coaching Specialty
Cinnie Noble, PCC

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM CT

Webinar Cost: ICF Global Members – $10 / Non-ICF Global Members – $20

Cinnie Noble, based in Toronto, Canada, is a former lawyer with a Master of Law in Dispute Resolution. She is also a Chartered Mediator and Professional Certified Coach. Since developing the CINERGY model of Conflict Management Coaching over 20 years ago Cinnie and her team coach clients worldwide and provide coach training in this model around the world. Cinnie was a Board Member of the International Coaching Federation (GTA Chapter) and co-facilitated the Conflict Management Coaching Community of Practice for the International Coaching Federation global for eight years. Cinnie is the author of two coaching books: Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You and Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY™ Model. Her website is:
In 1999, Cinnie Noble, a pioneer of the specialty known as Conflict Management Coaching, founded the CINERGY® model which is based on conflict management, coaching and neuroscience principles. Cinnie did extensive research, at the time, in her efforts to develop a framework that specifically focuses on clients who want to effectively manage and engage in their interpersonal disputes and to strengthen their conflict intelligence.

In this presentation, Cinnie will define conflict and related principles. She will discuss what conflict management coaching is, including its applications and the clients who benefit from a specific model devoted to inter-relational challenges in their personal or professional lives. Cinnie will share her research process and findings including what distinguishes coaching people in conflict from clients with unrelated goals.

CCEUs for this Webinar: 1 Core Competency and 0.5 Resource Development Credits

  Read the entire webinar description and register here:
November 9 Southeast Region Webinar

      Chapter News


ICF-North Texas 2024 Slate of Board Directors and Officers

Voting is Open November 1 through Midnight on November 15

Voting is available to Full Members in Good Standing only.

The Slate of Directors and Officers for the 2024 ICF-North Texas Board was approved, per bylaws, by the current ICF-North Texas Board.

To vote YES to accept the 2024 slate click here.
Members must be logged in to to access the ballot.

Board Members Proposed for the 2024 Slate:

President: Steve Hendon, PCC (returning)
President-Elect: Dara Rossi, PCC (returning)
Treasurer: Elisabetta Mroski, ACC (returning)
Secretary: Sue Shibley, ACC (returning)

Past-President: Staci Witten, PCC (returning)

Alliances: Mayme Doumbia, PCC (new to board)
DEIB: Laurie Goetz, ACC, Interim Director (returning)
Membership: Cheryl Close, MCC (returning)
Online Platforms: Teresa Dabney, (returning)
Special Events: Ben Dilla, ACC (new to board)

Open Director Positions:
Communications: OPEN
Programs: OPEN

For short bios of each candidate, please click here.

Want to serve on ICF-North Texas Board? We still have two open Board Positions:
Director of Communications and Director of Programs.

Serving on the Board gives you an opportunity to have an integral role in helping grow our chapter. You have input in strategic planning, and the opportunity to collaborate with an awesome group of coaches on a regular basis.

To learn more about the benefits and responsibilities of serving on the Board, or if you are interested in the Communications or Programs position, please contact Tim Kincaid ( for more information. Candidates must be current members in good standing of our chapter. It is our chapter’s strong preference for candidates to have prior experience as a chapter volunteer and a chapter committee member.

Call for Nominations:
2023 ICF-North Texas Distinguished Service Award (DSA)

Nominations are open for the ICF-North Texas Distinguished Service Award (DSA). This annual award is presented to a chapter member in recognition of outstanding service to the coaching profession and to the North Texas Chapter. The award is traditionally presented at the Board’s discretion at our chapter’s Annual Membership Meeting in January. The four prior DSA recipients are Beverley Wright, PCC; Judy Feld, MCC; Sara Smith, MCC; and Teresa Pool, MCC. (MCC credential is not required!)

DSA nominees will be evaluated for their contributions to ICF-North Texas Chapter and the coaching profession, the example they set as a role model for other coaches, and their professional coaching practice.

To be eligible, DSA Nominees must:
  •  Be an active member in good standing of ICF-North Texas
  •  Hold an up-to-date ICF Credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)
  •  Have or have had an active coaching practice

To make a nomination, you must be a member in good standing of ICF-North Texas and hold an up-to-date ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC). You may self-nominate.

To make a nomination for DSA 2023, you must use this online Nomination Form.

DSA nominations  must be received by Monday, December 11, at 12:00 noon CST.

Save the Date – Member and Guest Holiday Party

Please join us for our annual Member and Guest Holiday Party—a time to celebrate the season and share some holiday cheer!

Wear your favorite holiday sweater, tie or other accessory and bring a new, wrapped book for our gift exchange. (Book suggestions: coaching, business building, leadership, etc.)

Wednesday, December 6, 2023
6:00 – 9:00 PM CST
12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse, 18010 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75287
Members only, plus one guest at $30 Per Person

Heavy Hors d'oeuvres | Sweet Treats | Book Gift Exchange | Door Prizes | Cash Bar Available

Three Outstanding MCC Keynote Speakers Coming to 2024 All Texas Coaches Conference and Retreat

The Texas Coaches Coalition (TCC) announced more details for the 6th annual All Texas Coaches Conference and Retreat, March 21 – 24, at the T Bar M Retreat Center, New Braunfels, Texas.

Three acclaimed MCC keynote speakers: Marcia Reynolds, Sophia Casey, and Rick Tamlyn
  • Ten fascinating coaching presentation sessions and breakouts TBA soon (ICF CCEUs awarded)
  • Early-bird discount ($100) registration is still available through December 31.
  • Sponsorships for all budgets are now available to showcase your services.
  • 100+ professional coaches from across Texas, and beyond are expected!
For more information, visit

About the Conference: The annual event is hosted each March by the all-volunteer Texas Coaches Coalition (TCC) and is designed to spark collaboration between coaches with a variety of experience and specialties. The conference is a must-attend event for all coaches who are interested in growing, learning, and connecting with other passionate and like-minded professional coaches across the state of Texas.

The conference offers unparalleled learning opportunities through high-impact keynote presentations and interactive workshops, with the opportunity to earn numerous CCEUs across the 3-day event. In addition to the learning opportunities, attendees can network and exchange ideas through a variety of special interest Affinity Groups, as well as take advantage of the built-in “retreat” time to relax and recharge. This event is recognized by the ICF as an Alliance Partner.

ICF-North Texas Speakers Bureau

Put the ICF-North Texas Speakers Bureau to work for you today! If you have an interest in requesting a speaker but don’t have all the details yet, let us know and we’ll schedule a call to start the process and work on your timeline.

Ready to request a speaker? Submit a request here.

If you are a member of ICF-North Texas and would like to apply to join the Speakers Bureau, submit an application here.

Member Snapshot: Lara Burnside

Our ICF-North Texas chapter features an active, highly engaged, and progressive group of professional coaches, and our monthly Member Snapshot helps you to know more members and to encourage you to reach out to each other. We know that helping you meet each other is one of the fantastic benefits of being part of our chapter. This month, we are pleased to highlight another wonderful ICF-North Texas member, Lara Burnside, to give you a glimpse of her coaching experience so far.
Tell us about your coaching business. Lara Burnside is with CSE Leadership and she has had decades of experience as an external and internal coach. She works with physicians and leaders—thousands of them at hundreds of hospitals. Lara shared, “I love to help them each find their way to being their true selves and becoming more engaged and connective with others.”

Lara explained that it is often an intervention when she begins. “To their astonishment, our work quickly becomes fuel for their energy and soul, allowing them to reignite passion for their work,” Lara said. “They are often highly intelligent yet not well-equipped with social or soft skills, and they honor me when they trust me to help them learn how to build a more effective leadership approach.” Clients say they become more self-aware, more positive, and Lara has been told it can seem she has some sort of magic potion. The coaching work helps them bring their science and art together, to create more opportunities with and for everyone around them, expanding their leadership and their colleagues’ ability to be more effective as well.
Lara shared, “Coaching is so individual. Every person needs you to ask a question in a certain way. In a very individualized manner, we coaches help our clients explore how they can perform in all levels and aspects of their world, engaging and creating a ripple effect through others, so everyone can reach their own potential."

Why has your work become even more meaningful over time? The work Lara has been doing is important for each of us in society because in this critical time, it is more important than ever to find and keep our healthcare leaders working together well. Over the past year, a reported 70 percent of healthcare CEOs left their role and there are unheard of percentages of people at every level who are leaving our hospital systems, almost all of it voluntary. Lara said, “Having a coach step in opens possibilities for a healthcare leader to stay and thrive, and that means patients will be able to find the care they need when they need it.” When she allows them that space to explore and craft how they want to show up for others, Lara says, “It allows healthcare professionals and leaders to be at the table together, so they reach their mission to care for people in an extraordinary way, often through someone’s most vulnerable moments.” Lara added, “I feel honored and privileged to work with each person it is truly inspiring to see them pass that on, showing shows they believe every person deserves respect, especially in a hospital.”

What training have you experienced? My whole career has been in the ‘people business.’ I have a master’s in healthcare administration as well as a B.A. in Communication. And although I have been around coaches much of my life and learned from them, I officially took coach training through the Center for Executive Coaching in recent years. I am now qualified for Board Certification and believe I am close to finishing my ACC. In my travels earlier this year to Saudi Arabia, I was reminded that these credentials carry meaning worldwide and that’s important to me and how I am not limited in opportunities where I might bring valuable insights and experience.

Why Coaching? Years ago, Lara met someone who had consulting-coaching business. Working alongside him, she started working with leaders and physicians on a large scale. “I felt connected to my heart when I did this work,” Lara shared. “This took everything I knew from HR and allowed me to begin to understand the operations side of things—enough to then go deeply with individuals who are driving decisions in these environments."

Favorite coaching story? Lara says, “I began working with a surgeon, who is one of most brilliant people I’ve met, who had a very commanding presence. He knew he needed to ‘command’ in a more effective way, and we started exploring ways he could do things differently. Once he understood the concepts and behaviors that would help him to truly connect with (rather than command) people around him, this surgeon was able to completely change the way he communicated with others. Soon, he was promoted and continued to see how valuable it was for him to connect in a way that brought a different level of effectiveness. Recently, years after our coaching engagement, he called me and talked me through a recent time when he had ‘blown up’ at his team. Later, after thinking through it, he apologized and asked them to forgive him and to know that he will keep trying to do better. It is gratifying to know that even years later the self-awareness that came to him through coaching remains so powerful.”

And the story gets even better. Lara shares, “This man is connecting to the world around him in a way that expands his gifts. He holds a key role in an organization that was recently recognized as the #1 hospital in the country for patients l (the only public hospital on list) with an A+ quality of care rating. Along with that impressive rating, the organization has been recognized in the top 10 percent in employee engagement and top 25 percent in patient experience. I am certain that this leader knew how to make a big difference in the quality of how everyone approached their work and each other, and this is the kind of valuable impact he now has.”

Awards: In addition to sharing in the recognition that hospital and its leaders gained, Lara has also been recognized by Beckers, naming Lara Burnside as one of the top 50 Chief Experience Officers in the national, for three years running.

Why are you a member of ICF-North Texas? Cheryl Close invited Lara to a meeting and as soon as she walked in the room she thought, “I found my people!” She loves being with other coaches has learned a great deal. Lara shares, “The individuals here and the talks presented are amazing. I’m looking forward to helping on the membership committee and in other areas as I can, because I know it will multiply the benefits I receive from my own membership.”

What else can you share about you? I love to surf and to WAK surf, and my wife Tammie and I go to Hawaii (and Paris, because it’s Paris) as often as possible. Along with our dogs Marley and Maisy, we feel incredibly grateful and tend to enjoy life wherever we go.

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Our chapter is looking for a Communications Director as well as a team member to help us boost our communication and social presence with the newsletter. If you enjoy gathering information, and some writing and editing, and the chance to work alongside other communicators who manage content across our various platforms, this role will enhance your experience immensely! Please contact Lizette Warner ( to learn more about becoming a Communications team member.

Chapter Program Director: ICF-North Texas Board seeks a Director of Communications and a Director of Programs for 2024. Please contact Tim Kincaid ( for more information.  

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Thanks to Our Volunteers

We appreciate Sue Shibley, ICF-North Texas Secretary, for how she led the completion of the enormously detailed annual Chapter Activity Report (CAR), as required by ICF Global. The CAR requires an astounding amount of information about our chapter’s activities and Sue coordinated in a way that helped us to tell our compelling story about what is unfolding in North Texas. Sue’s tenacity, patience, and attention to detail, along with the talents of Patty Vaccaro, our virtual assistant, made for a remarkable result.

Thank you to the Nominating Committee: Kathleen Klaviter, Natalie Mendez, and Tim Kincaid, who called for nominations, interviewed candidates, and provided a recommended slate of candidates for the 2024 Board of Directors that will help us finalize a vote and roster for ICF-NT 2024.

Contact Information 


President  Staci Witten, PCC
President-elect  Steve Hendon, PCC 
Secretary  Sue Shibley
Treasurer   Elisabetta Mroski, ACC
Past President Tim Kincaid, PCC
Programs   Open Position
Alliances  Dara Rossi, ACC
Membership   Cheryl Close, MCC
Communications   Lizette Warner, PCC
Online Platforms  Teresa Dabney
Special Events  Sandra Knight, ACC


Our Mission

Our mission is to grow and develop a competent coaching community that drives results for coaches and those they serve. We do this by providing strong credentialed coaches, educational programs, and rich resources for internal and external coaches, and organizations and individuals seeking coaches. 

Our Vision

ICF-NT will be known as the leading resource for the coaching community and the organizations and individuals it serves by providing:
  • A collaborative network of credentialed coaches
  • Continuing education 
  • Impactful contributions to the coaching profession