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August 2020 Newsletter

ICF North Texas | Published on 8/3/2020

Important Dates

Aug 13 SE Region Webinar: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CT

Aug 14 Virtual Meeting/Program: 11:15 AM - 1:15 PM CT

Aug 20 2nd SE Region Virtual Town Hall: 12:00-2:00 PM CT

Aug 20 Future of Coaching Virtual Event: 4:30-6:00 PM CT

Sept 11 Celebrate Coaching Virtual Event
            8:30 AM - Noon CT

New Members and New Credentials

Please welcome our new member:

Karen Green
Kathrine Glass
Melanie Mendoza
Dennis Howard, PCC
Rachel Heyduck

New credential congratulations go to:
Ben Dilla, ACC
Jennifer Henagar, PCC

Congratulations to Debra Austin and Nicole Carelock who won WBECS scholarships!

President's Message

Read the President's Message 

          Monthly Events

August 13 Southeast Region Webinar
Empowering Women Professionals to Be Exceptional
Sally Helgesen, PCC

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM CT

Webinar Cost: ICF Global Members – $10 / Non-ICF Global Members – $20

Our August 13 Southeast Region Webinar features Sally Helgesen, PCC. Sally has been cited in Forbes as the world’s premier expert on women’s leadership and is a best-selling author, international speaker and leadership coach.

Women’s distinctive strengths and behaviors provide them with many advantages. Yet the very habits that help them early in their careers can hold them back as they seek to rise. In this webinar, Sally will draw on her work with legendary executive coach Marshall Goldsmith to help women and the coaches who support them identify and address the habits most likely to get in their way as they seek to move to a higher level. This program is not just for women. By attending this program, men will gain a better understanding of what can hold women back and helps them be more informed and effective supporters of female clients and colleagues.

CCEUS for this Webinar: 1 Core Competency and .5 Resource Development Credits

Read the entire webinar description and register here:
August 13 Southeast Region Webinar

August 14 Virtual Meeting and Program
Build Your Foundation on Trust and Safety
Lyssa deHart, MCC, LICSW

11:15 AM – 1:15 PM

Virtual Meeting and Program Fee: Chapter Members: $10 / Non-Chapter Members: $20

Our August 14 Program features Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC, author of StoryJacking: Change Your Dialogue, Transform Your Life. Lyssa is a Leadership Confidence and Whole Life Coach who works with confidence-challenged high achievers who are ready to rewrite the internal narratives that slow them down.

Without trust and safety, the opportunity for vulnerability, self-exploration, and deep insight is lost. One might say the entire coaching relationship lives on the foundation of Trust and Safety. Not surprisingly, it’s crucial to create rapport and a safe space where clients feel comfortable to dive below the surface. Getting to the underlying issues requires a deeply trusting relationship.
Together we’ll explore trusting the client and invite the client to lead the coach through the landscape of their experience. There will also be a demonstration of coaching. Coaches will be invited to name the development of awareness on how Trust and Safety inform all the other competencies.

CCEUs for this Program: 1 Core Competency Credit

Read the entire program description and register here:
August 14 Virtual Meeting and Program

      Chapter News

Second ICF Southeast Region Town Hall
UNITED: Strategies to Address Racial Bias

Thursday, August 20

12:00 – 2:00 PM CT

The second ICF Southeast Region town hall on racial injustice moves the discussion forward to educate us all on the realities of racial bias and share strategies to address it when encountered in our daily lives.


Based on feedback from our first session, we have expanded to a two-hour program that will include:

  • Defining racial bias and identifying related implicit and explicit behaviors
  • Sharing strategies to address racial bias
  • Experiential opportunities for attendees to engage and share

We invite you to join us as we continue the conversation to navigate this difficult time and work together to effect positive change in our communities and the world.

  • This event is FREE and there are no CCEUs.
  • Tonya Echols, President ICF Georgia Chapter, will facilitate the discussion.
  • Akasha Saunders, Vice President ICF Caribbean, will provide strategies to address racial bias.
  • Anik Clemens, Senior Development Manager, North America will represent ICF Global.

Register in advance for this meeting:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

The Future of Coaching - Virtual Session

Thursday, August 20

  4:30 – 6:00 PM CT

Charlotte Area Chapter is celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a virtual celebration on Thursday, August 20 from 5:30 7:00 PM Eastern Time (4:30 - 6:00 PM Central Time). ICF North Texas members are welcome to join the Charlotte Area Chapter for this event.

CEO of ICF, Magda Mook, is the guest speaker. Magda will present on the future of coaching, artificial intelligence, the democratization of coaching, and how current events impact the work we do. A raffle will be drawn to spend 30 minutes one-on-one with the CEO of ICF! ICF Charlotte Past Presidents will also be honored, led by Past President Jaslyn Roberts.

During this session we will:

  • Experience and learn a virtual improvisation "ice melter" to use in your programs
  • Explore the future of the coaching profession
  • Identify the impact of artificial intelligence on the coaching industry
  • Gain an appreciation for the progress being made toward the democratization of coaching
  • Discuss how current events impact the work we do as professional coaches
  • Celebrate the ICF Charlotte Area Chapter's 20th Anniversary by recognizing our Past Presidents

Registration Fee:
The event is complimentary for all guests. If a guest (non-ICF Charlotte Member/Affiliate) registers and would like to receive the 1.0 Resource Development CCEU for attending, there is a $10 fee.


To register for the event visit:

SAVE THE DATE - Celebrate Coaching 2020

An ICF North Texas Virtual Event
Focus: Coaching in Organizations

September 11, 2020
From 8:30 AM - Noon CT

Virtual Event Registration Fees:

Per Person $40

Virtual Half Table Sponsor (4 seats) $120

Virtual Table Sponsor (8 seats) $200

Watch your inbox for an exciting announcement about Celebrate Coaching 2020!

This year the ICF North Texas Chapter is providing you a wonderful experience about an integral part of leadership development with Coaching in Organizations. We will gain insight from two phenomenal presenters including a two-time International Prism winner and one of Brené Brown’s top presenters who will challenge us to drop our armor and lean into vulnerability! Join this journey of self-discovery and development to be the courageous leader you want to be. Registration information will be coming soon.

Our introductory speaker is Renée Robertson, PCC, SHRM-SCP, and ICF Global VP of ICF Coaching In Organizations. Renée is the author of The Coaching Solution: How to Drive Talent Development, Organizational Change and Business Results. The book’s purpose is to share best practices and lessons learned on how to utilize and embed coaching in organizations.

Join us for a walk through of the evolution of coaching and how coaching has become a strategic advantage for organizations around the world. Our speaker will share a few of her own experiences as an early pioneer and winner of two International Prism awards. Renée is a champion for coaching in organizations. She will share projections for the future and how the ICF’s CIO start-up is preparing to take coaching in organizations to the next level.


CCEUS for this presentation: .75 Resource Development Credits

Our keynote speaker is Sandy Mitsch, MCC, COCC, CDWF, CDTLF. Sandy has studied, lived, and taught the research of Dr. Brené Brown since 2012. She is a senior Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator and one of three mentors for the facilitator community.

After working with corporate leaders for 33 years and 8 years studying Brené Brown’s research on shame, courage and vulnerability, one thing is true. We all self-protect when we are uncomfortable and we call this self-protection ‘armor.’ Armor is the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that we use to protect ourselves when we aren’t willing to lean into vulnerability. It moves us out of alignment with our values, corrodes trust with our colleagues and teams, and prevents us from being our most courageous selves. Metaphorically, armor is heavy, bulky, and it gets in the way. With it on, we can’t see each other for who we really are. If we want to connect, we need to remove it. It may be daunting to do that but Sandy teaches you that it's worth it in three simple, but not easy, steps:

  1. Gain awareness of what armor is and how it holds you back
  2. Take responsibility for your armor and your impact
  3. Learn courage-building skills to help you be a braver leader

CCEUS for this Presentation: 1.75 Core Competency Credits

If you are interested in our business sponsor packages, please reach out to for more information about how we can help you receive great awareness with our audience.


Building a Coaching Culture at NTFB

More than 40 ICF North Texas professional coach volunteers continue to support the North Texas Foodbank (NTFB) to Experience Coaching as they respond to more than three times the demand from families during the pandemic. The effort includes group and individual coaching sessions, plus workshops to empower NTFB leaders to learn coaching skills they can use with their teams.

This month we are looking at the interesting dimension group coaching has added to the program as NTFB continues to build its coaching culture. Michele Galen, ICF North Texas member who has coordinated the group coaches, explained what the group dynamic does:

  • Allows ICF North Texas to expand value we deliver by impacting teams to work differently with each other.
  • Expands volunteer opportunities for ICF-NT coaches to contribute.
  • Expands learning opportunities as veteran group coaches pair with those who want to gain, practice or strengthen group coaching skills.

Now several weeks into the engagement, we heard several insights from group coaches.

“I believe coaching is a gift to mankind, an opportunity for coaches to give our presence to affirm people and let their voice be heard,” said volunteer Darius Frasure. As someone who is being certified in Evidence-Based Coaching, he enjoyed getting to see how people act with each other as they take on initiatives and to consider what may be getting in their way of being most effective. “I’ve seen our material come alive with NTFB employees who have been able to find new ways to communicate through this coaching experience.” Darius has been a fan of NTFB for a long time. “This is definitely a great place to contribute; NTFB is doing great things in our community.”

Michele Galen shared, "The opportunity to work with NTFB leaders through the group coaching experience has been extremely rewarding. Through this work we have the opportunity to support NTFB leaders and teams and to contribute to one of the most important organizations in the North Texas community. And as a newcomer to Dallas, being a group coach and the coordinator of all the ICF North Texas group coaches has allowed me to create new connections with many wonderful people at a time when it’s hard to build relationships."

“It is hard to get your head around how serious the need is at NTFB, even before Covid-19 hit,” said group Coach Susan Shapiro. “I have seen a committed, professional group of leaders at this organization who are all about continuous improvement in their work groups and in their culture. Group coaching is an experience which taps into others’ perspectives and helps individuals challenge their own perspective. Then together, we come up with some innovative ideas that all can apply to their teams.”

Through August and into September, one-on-one and group coaching continues and the engagement for this year will wrap up with a workshop to give NTFB leaders additional coaching skills so that they can continue group coaching on their own into the future.

ICF North Texas Volunteer Opportunity and Training!

Now that holding conference meetings online has taken a big spike in popularity, ICF North Texas is looking for more volunteers who can be available occasionally to facilitate chapter-related meetings or events with Zoom. We are offering Zoom training and will make sure you are well-equipped for this role. Please contact Past President Mike Caracalas at if you are interested in volunteering.  

Join a LINC

Laugh  Interact  Nurture  Contribute 

Members are welcome to join these two new LINC groups:

  • Internal Coaches group
  • PCC Certification group 
To join one of these groups, visit ICF North Texas website under Programs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the currently active LINC groups and how to join, please contact Laurie Goetz at for more information.

Thanks to Our Volunteers

  • Demi Prentiss for bartering her coaching services to provide $2,000 worth of public relations for our chapter.
  • Staci Witten for brilliantly producing the additional virtual meetings and events that were originally planned to be in person.
  • Ken Jenkins and Steve Hendon for identifying and deploying a new tool to improve program surveys and feedback.
  • Lisa Ong for getting our fabulous speaker in July.
  • Laurie Goetz for re-invigorating the LINC Special Interest Groups.
  • Demi Prentiss, Michele Galen, Susan Daniel and their planning team for ongoing support of the NTFB program.
  • Jude Olson, for her ongoing support of ICF North Texas President.
  • Susan Shapiro and Neena Newbury for including ICF North Texas coaches in their pro bono coaching initiatives.
  • Steve Coxsey, CurVie Burton, Alma Weaver-Jones, Cheryl Close, Kristin Robertson for serving Texas Coaches Coalition board.

Contact Information 


President  Kritin Robertson, PCC
President-elect  Kathleen Klaviter, PCC 
Secretary  Timothy Kincaid, PCC
Treasurer   Jay Harris, PCC
Past President Mike Caracalas, PCC
Programs   Steve Hendon, PCC
Alliances  Susan Daniel, ACC
Membership   Laurie Goetz, ACC
Communications   Jane Koenecke, ACC
Online Platforms  Staci Witten, ACC


Our Mission

Our mission is to grow and develop a competent coaching community that drives results for coaches and those they serve. We do this by providing strong credentialed coaches, educational programs, and rich resources for internal and external coaches, and organizations and individuals seeking coaches. 

Our Vision

ICF-NT will be known as the leading resource for the coaching community and the organizations and individuals it serves by providing:
  • A collaborative network of credentialed coaches
  • Continuing education 
  • Impactful contributions to the coaching profession