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We are a charter chapter of

the ICF, a leading global

coaching organization that

offers you certified coaches bound by clear

ethical standards.




Whether you are seeking a
coach or are a coach,
ICF North Texas (ICF NT)
is the best professional
coaching resource in
Dallas/Fort Worth!



Are you a long time or new coach,or just curious?
Executive, life or
business coach? 
ICF North Texas is a
resource for you!





Whether you are seeking a
coach or are a coach,
ICF North Texas (ICF NT)
is the best professional
coaching resource in
Dallas/Fort Worth!



Whether you are seeking a
coach or are a coach,
ICF North Texas (ICF NT)
is the best professional
coaching resource in
Dallas/Fort Worth!



Whether you are seeking a
coach or are a coach,
ICF North Texas (ICF NT)
is the best professional
coaching resource in
Dallas/Fort Worth!



Whether you are seeking a
coach or are a coach,
ICF North Texas (ICF NT)
is the best professional
coaching resource in
Dallas/Fort Worth!


Our Mission

Our mission is to grow and develop a competent coaching community that drives results for individual coaches and those they serve. We do this by providing strong credentialed coaches, educational programs, and rich resources for internal and external coaches, and organizations and individuals seeking coaches. 
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Hold the Date
October 29, 2014 for Coaching Week
Volunteer Coaches to Coach our Veterans
(more information will be coming soon)

September 12, 2014 ICF-NT Chapter Meeting

 Coaching Tools and Assessment

Our "Coaching Tools and Assessments" program is a great way for coaches, groups and organizations to learn about a variety of coaching resources that you may find useful with your individual clients, groups, or teams. You will have the opportunity to participate in multiple casual round table discussions to receive an overview, acquire materials, and learn how to apply the tool or assessment 


Register today, and invite others who may also enjoy this fun and informative event.

Below are examples of the coaching tools and assessments being presented. More tools and assessments will be available at the event. 




Kouzes/Posner Leadership 360

Values Spectrum


ICF CCEUs: 1 Resource


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September 12 Workshop 1:30-4:30

The Power of Shifting and Anchoring States and Meaning – Let’s Play Some More!
Speaker: Laurel Rolls

Brief Description:   Our clients come to us from their worlds of stress, uncertainty, activity, demands, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and values and bring with them the state of mind and energy that has been forged by all of these factors.  OH…and we come to our clients the same way!

This workshop will focus on consistently bringing our best state and mindset to our clients as well as ways to quickly bring them to an open, creative state and mindset using some of the techniques and language of NLP.


Three to Five Workshop Learning Outcomes (if applicable):

1. Understanding without admiring or judging our own states and those of our clients

2. Mindset and how we process meaning are everything! – understanding how we assign meaning and the impact it has

3. Powerful shifting and reframing techniques using language and process

4. Anchoring resourceful states for ourselves as coaches and with our clients


ICF Core Competencies Covered:

# 3 – Establishing Trust and Intimacy

# 4 – Coaching Presence

# 5 – Active Listening

# 6 – Powerful Questioning

# 8 - Creating Awareness

# 9 – Designing Actions


ICF CCEUs Core: 2 / Resource: 1 


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Laurel is the Founder and President of Laurel Rolls & Associates, a Business,

Professional and Executive Coaching firm dedicated to Inspire Possibilities...NOW!TM

Possibilities exist all around us…possibilities for our lives and possibilities for our

businesses and careers. All those things we miss when we stick with the familiar and operate on autopilot. Inspire Possibilities...NOW!TM breaks down the barriers of

convention and the blocks of limiting belief systems and behaviors. Inspire

Possibilities...NOW!TM is about reaching that next level of performance, satisfaction,

energy and success.


Through coaching and using many techniques (NLP, assessments, cognitive behavior, strategic questioning, positive psychology and many others), Laurel is able to guide her  clients through awareness of Limiting Beliefs, Behaviors, Blocks and Barriers (The 4 B’sTM) – the landmines keeping them from success and happiness – and eliminate them.


Anyone who registered for the August Workshop will be given a credit to apply to a future ICF-NT event. 





















Welcome to August!

One of the goals of our chapter is ensuring that members and guests feel informed and welcome. The ICF-NT Ambassadors support this objective in many ways including welcoming members and guests at chapter meetings, calling members to promote chapter events, supporting outreach events and organizing the chapter’s annual holiday party. The group meets virtually on the last Monday of each month and meetings are open to all chapter members. Alma Weaver Jones and Dana Phillips co-chair the team and Judy Clothier coordinates many of the team’s efforts.


If you would like to learn more about the Ambassadors, or become involved, contact


Thank you Ambassadors for your care, enthusiasm, and commitment that help make help our chapter a community of coaches.


Chapter Ambassadors

Dave Bauer

Debjani Biswas

Rodger Blaker

Barry Bourassa

Judy Clothier

Jim Cooper

Tom Donaldson

Geri England

Kimberly Farbisz

Randy Fernandes

Jayne Gardner

Jane Golden

Fred Halstead

Meryl Harari

Alma Weaver Jones

Kathleen Klaviter

Buzz Kolbe

Lisa Krishnan

Ed Maier

Suzanne Maxwell

Sylvia Moore

Neena Newberry

Catherine Oleksiw

Dana Phillips

Neil Phillips

Teresa Pool

Susan Potter

Ed Rankin

Meg Rentschler

Laurel Rolls

Nona Rosa

Susan Shapiro

Sara Smith

Valerie Sokolosky

Francesca Spinelli

Russ Yaquinto

Lisa Yarbough

Marcia Zidle


Each month the Ambassadors’ calling team reaches out to let you know about current activities and programs. This month you’ll be invited to hear chapter member, Laurel Rolls, speak on NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming. Her lunch topic is The Power of NLP: Let's Play! She will also lead an afternoon workshop, NLP: The Power of Shifting and Anchoring States and Meaning—Let’s Play Some More! You can learn more about these programs and register in the following pages.


We’re barely past the midpoint of 2014, yet it’s time to begin planning for 2015. If you have interest in being part of the 2015 Chapter Board of Directors or would like to know what board service entails, please let me know at


Francesca Spinelli, PhD, PCC

President, ICF North Texas Coaches